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Hot Ni&&@: Bobby Schmurda new mixtape and pending release

A 19 year old Bobby Schmuda slapped the world in the face with his hit single Hot Ni&&@ in late 2013. In addition a take from Puff Daddy’s signature movements became know as the schmoney dance. What followed was literally Epic. A large deal for a virtual unknown with Epic records. Bobby was on top of the world. The position would have been enviable to any pre-twenty something.

It all came crumbling down on an early December morning when along with 14 others Bobby was arrested. The group of individuals all considered to members of a Brooklyn street gang Gs9 were carted off to Jail and that’s where the story for a lot of young black males end. Bobby however managed to stay somewhat relative with a prison feature on Tekashi el raton 69’s single,bozoo.

His release which is slated to be early Dec 2020 is one of those returns that is surrounded with mystique. Even more so now that we’ve learned that he will be releasing a mixtape from prison ahead of his Dec 11 release date.

Bobby is also slated to release his first full album in 2020 which is making it one of the most anticipated albums to be released in 2020

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