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A voice From the grave. Mac Miller

As the sun set on September 7th 2018 so dimmed the light of one of the decades most talented and passionate artists. Mac miller was highly underrated for his songwriting and his soulfulness. I personally didn’t quite get the whole sensation of the Mac until I watched his NPR tiny desk performance. I was sold hook line and sinker after seeing the performance. I had no idea he was such a talented musician.

Mac miller’s talent was also evident when he teamed with another multi instrumentalist and drummer Anderson Paak. DANG!, immediately hit like a soulful and retrofitted banger that put the FU back in funky.

Mac Miller’s untimely death forced me to take notice again so I tuned into his music after his death. His love for music has ultimately shone its glaring light far after his life force.

Today the Estate of Mac miller released a statement announcing the release of his album Circles which was completed posthumously with his collaborator Jon Brion. I am looking forward to this album as Mac miller was one of the artists I wish I paid more attention to in his lifetime. These times that are so blinkered with meaningless jingles. R.I.P. Malcolm Miller

the statement read as follows

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