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Welcome to Beat Battle Royale

Welcome To Beat Battle Royale

It’s Finally here!

Welcome to the first online Premier beat battle league.

Beat Battle Royale was birthed from an online encounter between two friends. DJ. Midas a Dj and producer who was Born in Nigeria and Raised in the UK and Long time friend Ramone Lambert an emcee and producer from the US (AKA Nobody/2415) engaged in a one off friendly competition.

After hearing a remix of Dj Midas’ “Shook Ones”, a Classic and almost tabu to touch hit record from the golden age of hip-hop, Ramone Lambert challenged him.

The Battle began with humorous trash talking banter and a promise of a remix within 48 hours. The returning trash talk was epic and it turned a simple encounter into a vision.

As an up and coming producer there has never been a time where the world is at your feet as much as it is now. How many times have you heard a beat on other uploading platforms and thought… this fish is ultra wack?! Well here it is, the moment of truth. The people don’t lie. Put your skills to the ultimate test. Put your money where your mouth is. Its all available.

Beat Battle Royale is a multi genre platform. So it doesn’t matter if you are a hip-hop purist a trap producer, Edm. acid house or trance producer there is an avenue for everyone to be heard and to gain recognition in the ARENA.

Beat Battle Royale promises to be the gladiator school for producers at every level. Beat Battle Royale will host major events but It also gives you the producer the ability to control your own destiny by giving you the ability to set your own beat battle set your own parameters and even allows you to set a winner takes all entry fee.

Beat Battle Royale promises to offer a transparent league. Taste and opinions are just that. There will be no favoritism shown within the league And Admin at Beat Battle Royale will remain vigilant in assuring fair and honest competitions. Any claims of fraudulent or plagiarized work will result in temporary suspension from league pending investigation, any confirmed actions of stated actions will result in permanent ban from the league.

BBR code of ethics

About Beat Battle Royale

Beat Battle Royale is a premier beat battle league. 

In the area of music it is normally the frontman, the vocalist, or the emcee  who normally receives the accolades for a great tune. Those who know however, know. Without a great producer a great emcee is a spoken word poet, and a great singer is merely a highly talented busker.

Beat Battle Royale is a focus on the machine that creates the vibe. beat battle Royale is a testing ground, a colosseum for those who are not afraid to showcase their skills against other warriors in the beat game.

How does it work?

Beat battle Royale is a tiered Battle league.

The D league.  Blood and sand

Offers a free league pass. This is the blood and sand league.

The D league is the testing battlegrounds for any and all producers. Each battle invitation  can be submitted by  an individual producer.

1.)Select the genre. 

2.)And post invites. 

Example .. in hip hop purest forum. [battle for supremecy] battle created 6.16.2019 16 active members 48 spaces available

Each battle will consist of 64 available spots  a minimum of 8 spots need to be filled for the battle to begin. Each battle will begin once it is filled or after 8 people have joined with 48 hours.

Up load your music  The parameters will be set by the group creator ie  remix challenge, trap house rumble one and done or two losses, and beat length

You will be placed in the tournament brackets based on when you enter it is a non seeded event.

Each battle will be judged by the members  and subscribers of Beat Battle Royale. In the event of a tie each battler will submit a 20 sec mp3 or sound cloud link to the Beat  Battle Administrators where a member of the team will cast the deciding vote.

All wins and loses will be automatically stored on the leader boards in each specific league 

The B league Blood money

Same premise this puts your money where your heart is

This league requires a league pass that can be purchased from the Area

B league enhancements.

B league members must be verified as legitimate.

B leaguers must have verified pay- pal accounts. 

B leaguers can add a winner takes all entry fee to each battle. 

The entry fee will be held in escrow in the Beat Battle Royale Arena each uncontested win will be transferred automatically to the winners verified pay pal account within 24 hours. There will be a 24 hour window for contesting or reporting fraudulent or plagiarized submissions. 

a 2.7 percent service fee is deducted from the total winnings to cover money transferring services.

Premier league.

Invite only league

Premise is the same.

Genre and parameters will be set by Beat battle Royale. No entry, no admission

All prizes will be awarded by Beat Battle Royale or our affiliates. 

Beat Battle Royale will post live Premier league drafts quarterly

so we are excited and ready to see who is bringing the heat or who has to go back to the drawing board

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