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Jim Jones: CAPO: The album that keeps on giving

Jim Jones gave arguably one of the best and most authentic NY hip hop albums last year with the release of CAPO.

New York, the birthplace of modern-day hiphop had been in a decline in the genre for the better part of two decades. In the last 3-4 years however. the grimy grittiness of the New York sound has seemingly experienced a resurgence. Artists like Casanova 2X, Troy Ave before the infamous Irving plaza saga, Joey Bad Ass, The Griselda movement, and a host of other artists began to bring the crown back to it’s rightful home.

No Album exemplified that more than the 2019 release of CAPO by Jim Jones.

Jim stayed tru to the Dipset formula by returning home for a completely produced Heat Makerz rollout. The album sonically represents a timeless moment that can only be characterized as New York City.

Jim hits us in the head once more with visuals for one of my personal favorite tracks from the album, LOVE OF THE HUSTLE ft Trav.

It features one of the illest backsides to grace the screen in the midst of a daytime heist.

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