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Iron Man turns 23 and get’s kicked out of the house: Ghost face

Ghost Face Killa is arguably the best storyteller in the entire Wu tang Clan. Today in 1996 The W released Iron man a highly anticipated album. It is a Gold certified album. The album featured the other half of the Wu’s dynamic duo, Raekwon the Chef. Iron Man is a classic amongst true hip hop heads until this day.

This album, laced with the production of the shoaling Island’s very own abbot, The Rza stinks of classic Wu-Tang.

The 90s are not the 90’s without the muthafuckin ruckus that the Wu tang clan brought. Ghost Face, aka Tony Starks, aka Iron man let that be known throughout the album. The album is peppered with Ghost self certifying the group as the greatest hip hop conglomerate ever. History may actually prove his bolstering correct.

The recent release of the Wu tang documentary OF MICE AND MEN told a harrowing but all to common tale. It spoke of the struggles of inner city black youth struggling in the 1990’s and finding a way out of poverty through gritty music. The insight into the groups struggle and inception were further examined in Hulus WU-TANG: AN AMERICAN SAGA.

Nearly a quarter century later Iron Man leaves us with a piece of Black American hip hop history to reexamine.

check out this album review and listen for yourself. and then go back and listen to the album with some people who grew up in the hood.

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