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@Iamgoodtone #HomagebarstotheR challenge

@Iamgoodtone initiates the #homagebarstotheR challenge to pay homage to the God Emcee and Eric B.

@iamgoodtone #homagebarstotheR challenge

Even in the darkest times hip hop has a way of shining through and keeping people connected. This sentiment is evident in the latest corona virus challenge. The #HomagebarstotheR challenge is set to sweep the internet. The challenge, created by Chicago artist Antonio Jones aka Good Tone pays homage to Eric B and Rakim’s Paid in Full. The homage is intended to show respect and give respect to the God Emcee. It is evident to most hip hop heads of all generations that Rakim is a most revered hip hop legend. Rakim’s flow would be the catalyst that changed the scope of how lyrics were approached in the rap game. His style finesse and vocal tones are the blueprint for hip hop’s golden age. Check Tones bars on @iamgoodtone

Also check out Good Tone’s smoking video WELCOME TO BABYLON

Good Tone attacks the down tempo track with razor like precision. He displays exceptional word play and the video is accompanied by outstanding visuals.

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