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The Funeral: Lil Wayne 1/31/2020

‘Funeral” 1/31/2020 release date

Forgive me for saying, but haven’t we witnessed this already? I mean seriously. We waited for half a decade for the Carter V.
Much anticipated would be a better way to describe a Popeyes Chicken sandwich. Is this album truly highly anticipated?
‘Don’t get me wrong, Lil Wayne’s has commandeered a few of my favorite tunes. The long-standing feud between Lil Wayne and his adoptive father played out through the media. All things happening without as much as a drop of music in a digital age. This age where artists remain hot for a millisecond as the consumers continue to consume. The Carter V left even the most dedicated Lil Wayne fans felling a bit underwhelmed. Let’s hope this album will be a return to the hip hop heavens holy sanctum.

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